Abimon, a new beginning is all about the new entry to the full Abimon world.
Abimon is a universe.Inside this galaxy are many many worlds. However, almost all of them are uninhabited...
But there is one world that if almost fill to the worldly population brim. That word is called Helat Anorum in the old tongue, a tongue not many still speak. Anorum roughly translated means World and Helat means main. In this main World, there is a Crystal City. This city is the main city and can hold about 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 people(one octillion, 1027). However, the worlds population just doesn't fit in there. So everyone started making cities and towns and eventually, there was no more grass, no more lakes, no nature...
These areas are covered with towns. So where do the Abimon live and get food from? The towns.
Eventually it's been generations since an Abimon has been seen. But one cold, lonely night, a teenager and some of his friends go out and get drunk. They've completely lost control of their senses. All except one. His name, is Steve. Steve didn't get drunk, however. He knew that, should something miraculous happen, he wouldn't remember it if he was drunk.
So he didn't get drunk.
And if he had gotten drunk, the Abimon world might not be like it is today.....
As he and his "friends" left the bar, Steve saw... something.
He had this feeling... of surprise, fear and...affection?
He didn't know what it was, but the others didn't care, they threw cans and stuff at the poor creature and it started running away.
But Steve valiantly ran after the poor creature and protected it with his human body. The creature whimpered beneath his body as cans were thrown at the puny form of Steve.
"Don't worry little fella,"He told the creature"I won't let any harm come to you!"
And it was bravely that he stood up, scooping up the creature we know as Abimon into his arms. And he ran. He bolted for home and locked the door.
He Google s Abimon and finds results. Every night, he went out and found more Abimon and brought them home. Eventually, Steve had every Abimon ever.
At the same time, mankind was traveling to other planets and freeing up space here on Helat Anorum.Eventually, there was space for Abimon to recreate the wild.... And everything was peaceful.
However, one day Steve went missing from The Crystal City and Team Shadows took over it.
You, the hero,the descendant of Steve, have many paths you can take. Which one will you choose?

The world has been corrupted as well. In the pool of Balance lies the power of Good and Evil.